Become a Machine Learning Expert from India’s #1 Machine Learning Lab and AI Research Center – YourStory

Become a Machine Learning Expert from India’s #1 Machine Learning Lab and AI Research Center – YourStory

Deep tech has been the buzzword in the Indian startup ecosystem for quite some time and several homegrown companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning(ML), IoT, big data, cloud, mobility, and data analytics and bringing to the fore innovative solutions. In fact, a recent report by Infosys, which surveyed 1,000 senior IT and business decision-makers in companies across seven countries, found that more than half of the companies assessed had already invested in deep-learning AI algorithms.

The report also showed that companies are investing in a wide range of offerings — retail in augmented reality, automotive in connected cars and utilities looking at tech for omni-channel customer experience.

That’s why professionals across organisations, independent of their job roles, are expected to have a working knowledge of AI and how they can effectively use these disruptive technologies in their area of work.

An AI/ML Executive Certification Program by IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint

Given this context and the relevance of AI and ML for professionals, IIIT Hyderabad, in association with TalentSprint, an ed-tech platform, offers AI/ML Executive Certification Program open to executives from India and abroad. The program is offered in a 18-week blended format involving intensive onsite bootcamps and interactive online classes.


Executives will get access to 30 live interactive online classes along with 3 bootcamps during weekends (3 days each) in order to get hands-on training in the labs. It will thus enable a wider audience to benefit from the expertise of IIIT Hyderabad’s Machine Learning Lab. With a balanced mix of lectures and labs, the program will also host hackathons, group labs, and workshops.

Commenting on the development, Prof PJ Narayanan, director of IIIT- Hyderabad said, “As a major research-led institution, we are gratified to see this kind of interest in our deep-tech executive program. Our top-ranked AI research group at the Kohli Centre for Intelligent Systems, through these programs, have been able to convey the recent research advancement to the industry. In return, our researchers are benefitting from insights into challenging industry problems. By extending these executive programs across the nation, we believe the give and take between our institutions and industry will reach a whole new level.”

The program has successfully completed 11 cohorts with 2000+ participants (250+ participants from Bengaluru), some of whom are currently working with 600 top companies.

Applications are closing soon for the January 2020 Bengaluru cohort. Sign up today.

Here’s why you should sign up

Apart from the fact that this program is offered by India’s No. 1 Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad, it follows a unique 5-step learning process to ensure fast-track learning: Masterclass Lectures, Hands-on Labs, Mentorship, Hackathons and Workshops. Moreover, participants will get a chance to learn and collaborate with leading people from academia, industry and global bluechip Institutions. Participants will receive an advanced certification by IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab.

  • #1 Rated Machine Learning Lab in India
  • Hosts Kohli Center (KCIS), India’s leading center on intelligent systems
  • KCIS’s research was featured in 600 publications and received 5,792 citations
  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for IP Management and Technology Commercialization
  • Hosts CVIT that focuses on basic and advanced research in Image Processing Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Machine Learning

Participants will also get a chance to learn with an exceptional peer group. Professionals working with leading global companies and from various job profiles.

From refreshing your knowledge on coding and mathematics necessary for building expertise in AI/ML to learning to translate real-world problems in terms of AI/ML abstractions and learning about and apply standard AI/ML algorithms to create AI/ML applications along with implementing practical solutions using Deep Learning Techniques and Toolchains, the course curriculum covers a gamut of topics essential to help executives climb the AI/ML ladder.

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Alumni speak

“The Program content is well designed and delivered at par excellence. A-must-go-to Program for an IT professional.” – Joginder Singh, Program Manager, Qualcomm

“The IIIT Hyderabad faculty is simply superb and competent to teach AI and Machine Learning” – Sridhar Chilla, Lead Consultant, British Telecom

“The Program has been brilliantly structured in a way that even a beginner can easily understand AI concepts.” – Kandula Andula Lakshmi Chaya, Manager, R&D, Broadcom

“Structured curriculum with industry projects and hackathons makes this course very effective.” – Swaroop Shivaram, Principal Engineer, Target

“The best thing that’s happened to me in the last few decades.” – Yunis Ahmad, Senior Director, Netenrich

“The Program offers a great pool of information and it is impressive that I could absorb so much in a short duration.” – Om Prakash Jaiswal, Senior Software Engineer, Opentalk

Who should sign up?

Tech professionals with at least one year work experience and coding background are encouraged to apply. The program is especially beneficial for business leaders, CXOs, project managers/developers, analysts and developers.

Here’s why:

If you are a business leader and CXO

If you are a business leader, or CXO of an organisation, large or small, MNC or a startup, you need to use the disruptive power of AI to make your product/service valuable to your customers. When you understand how AI can be used as a competitive advantage and also as a decision-making tool, you will build a strong organisation.

One can argue that a business leader can recruit professionals with AI knowledge. However, as always, everything starts at the top. To adopt this disruptive technology, you need to build a culture of data-based decision making and effective use of AI, which can be done only when the top management is part of the process.

If you are a Product/Project Manager

As a manager of a product or a project, it is likely that your responsibility will include a good proportion of AI. If not today, very soon.And, to be effective in your role, you need to understand how AI works, ask the right questions and be intelligent in your discussion with your customer and team. Hence, you need to get the right perspective on AI.

If you are a developer or an analyst

For developers, building expertise in AI will enable them to stay ahead of the competition. It is clear that AI is evolving faster than ever and one needs to keep up with the trends to be able to cope with the career challenges ahead and be at the forefront of developing AI applications.

If you are a business leader, developer, project manager who wants to leverage the power of AI and ML, register today for IIIT Hyderabad’s AI/ML executive certification program.


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