How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Human Resources – CIO Applications

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Human Resources – CIO Applications

The latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have resulted in a huge shift in how people globally interact with technology and their teams.

FREMONT, CA: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resource (HR) practices has allowed organizations to streamline processes and operations by analyzing, predicting and diagnosing to make better decisions.

Benefits from Transactional Workforce Data

HR teams integrate AI to analyze transactional workforce data and predict employee potential, fatigue, flight risk and even overall engagement. And allowing for more productive conversations to enhance the employee experience, retention and performance.

AI-Backed Chatbots Keep Conversation Going

AI-backed chatbots allow HR managers to understand and analyze the sentiment of the employees so that they can tackle the possible issues and assure that their concerns are heard. Along with keeping a conversation going, chatbots also alleviates turnover and drives engagement.

Resumes on Smart Digital Forms

HR departments will need to integrate AI technology to connect companies with current and potential employees and to scale the business higher.

New candidates usually have to enter the same information over various steps of the hiring journey which can be mundane and repetitive. AI can help with this by allowing them to transfer information into smart digital forms instead of resumes which can be sent through a background check and new hire forms. It can analyze the candidate’s prior work experience and interests and meet the job requirements that are best suited for them.

Powering Workforce Analytics

Organizations are implementing workforce analytics, AI and machine learning to help HR professionals address challenges and make informed decisions that will impact positively for the organization and employees. For instance, real-time analytics shows HR managers the way absences, open shifts and unplanned schedule changes influence the performance and help them make better decisions to prevent problems before it arises.

Understanding Employee Referrals

HR teams use AI to understand employee referrals better by checking into the kind candidates employees are referring and gaining insight on who refers the most successful one.

With AI automating tedious, repetitive work, HR can focus on more creative and strategic work and for teams to spend more time in other demanding tasks like mentoring and collecting feedback. This provides the HR department to help improve candidate and employee experience


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