Top 7 Machine Learning Developers Communities To Join Now – Analytics India Magazine

Top 7 Machine Learning Developers Communities To Join Now – Analytics India Magazine

Developer communities are one of the best ways to get updated with all the newest technologies and tools in the tech space. With the rise in demand for machine learning and data science among the organisations, enthusiasts are either choosing their ML journey from scratch or switching their roles. Joining the machine learning communities, one can have several benefits, including sharing tools and support, answering queries, mentorship, code reviews and much more.

In this article, we list down 7 best machine learning developers communities an ML enthusiast must join. (The list is in no particular order)

1| Machine Learning – Reddit 

About: With a total of 1,070,309 members, the Reddit Machine Learning Community is one of the largest communities that is meant for industry professionals and is focused on practical aspects of building artificial intelligence systems. The community discusses and shares topics such as DIY machine learning post, tricks to make machine learning model training or prediction faster, tutorials and step-by-step how-tos with source code, best practices of programming, testing and deploying AI systems in production, accessible and detailed explanations of complex machine learning concepts and algorithms, and much more. 

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2| AIM Community – Analytics India Magazine

About: AIM Community is one of the engaging data science and machine learning developers community. This is a Telegram group of Analytics India Magazine, where machine learning and data science enthusiasts discuss and share knowledge on new trends, technologies and tools in this space.


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3| Machine Learning And Data Science – LinkedIn

About: With a total of 110,735 members, the Machine Learning and Data Science Community on LinkedIn is co-founded by Vincent Granville and part of the community. The focus of this community is on data science, machine learning, AI, deep learning, data visualisation, business analytics, predictive modelling, big data, Hadoop, IoT, decision science, and business intelligence.

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4| Machine Learning – Quora  

About: With a total of 1.7 million members, the Machine Learning community on Quora is a question and answer site where machine learning developers ask questions related to various techniques, topics as well as their job experiences.

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5| Machine Learning Stories – Hacker Noon

About: The Machine Learning Stories at Hacker Noon reflects the technology industry with unfettered stories and opinions depicted by machine learning professionals. It has more than 1k stories related to topics like how machine learning prevents identity theft, how to make Naruto hand signs classifiers using deep learning, applications of artificial intelligence in business, exploring T5 model and much more.

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6| Kaggle Community

About: Kaggle is a popular platform for developers who like to work and play with data and analytics. The Kaggle community has a lot of members from over 100 countries and skill levels, ranging from those learning Python to the researchers who create neural networks. On this platform, developers can ask questions and receive technical advice from other data scientists, discuss and request for open data and much more.

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7| GitHub

About: GitHub is one of the largest communities, with more than 50 million developers and has over 100 million repositories. On this platform, developers can share their codes, work together and build models and tools as well as maintain innovative technologies. Also, this platform is not only restricted to machine learning and data science, it covers a wide range of technologies that we know of and beyond. 

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